Jail Ministry

The Jail Ministry is an outreach of the Association for ministering to inmates at the Madison County jail. The Associational Chaplin and other ministers lead Bible studies on a weekly basis for the inmates.

Missions Team

The Missions Team completed a ramp for an elderly lady who had spent the past few months in rehab for a broken hip. She needed access to her home in order to be released from rehab. Thanks to the men of the Association who give of their time for this ministry.

Hispanic Mission

Northview Hispanic Baptist Mission Monthly Activity Report August 2017 We hold our services on Sunday and Thursday. Services are held from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. On Sunday, we worship together and then we share a scripture from the Holy Bible. On Thursday we have Bible class for children as well as for our adult members. We keep the facilities clean, comfortable and well maintained to hold services. We continue making phone calls and visiting our mission members at their homes regularly. We continue visiting Association’s churches, mostly on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning. This month we visited five churches. Ms. Emma Jean, from Beech Glen, continues to assist us during Sunday services teaching Bible class to the Mission’s children. We are very grateful to our God for her willingness to continue teaching our children. Total attendance was of 98 persons. The offerings gathered were a total of $207.00 dollars. They were delivered to the secretary at the Association Offices, Ms. Drusilla Moore. On the 3rd we were visited by Angela Magana. On the 6th we were visited by the Magana sisters, Angela and Ana. On the 19th, we held the 15th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service for Ms. Sherlyn Mauz. We are very grateful to Pastor Charlie Stanton and his congregation at Madison Seminary for his assistance on this joyful celebration. At the same time, we are very grateful to our God for the chance we had to share the Gospel to the person in charge of the church’s decoration, Mr. Fernando Maldonado. He heard the message and opened his heart to Jesus and made the confession of faith on that same day. On the 27th, we were visited by Steve Magana, Angela and Ana’s brother. On the 31st service had to be cancelled due to weather. On Thursday services attendance has slightly diminished. On the beginning of the soccer season, player’s mothers are asked by the school to attend games, which, unfortunately, are held on Thursdays. We continue praying that the Lord will send another musician to the mission to join us in worship playing the piano to our God. Thank you for supporting and praying for the Hispanic Mission at Northview Park. God bless you. Sincerely, Pastor Job Servin Birrueta Hispanic Minister