From the Desk of the Associational Missionary

Does God plan?  Many times we behave as if things catch God by surprise.  Did God have options in His plan for His creation?  It is important we completely understand God has never had a plan B.  His plan for His creation has been set from the beginning.  We chose sin over His love in the Garden of Eden and yet He still loved us.  So much He took care of the penalty of sin through His Son – Jesus Christ.  When a new year arrives many begin to think of ‘resolutions’ and begin to plan on how to fulfill the objectives they have set.  God never intended for us to not consider our future or our families future; however, God desires we always diligently seek Him for His guidance in accepting His plan for our lives  There are many books available which encourages churches to plan for the future.  The books I have read always begin with the challenge of prayer.  Prayer which brings us into communion with God.  Sometimes I believe what we may do is develop a plan and then ask God to bless our plan.  When we should be praying God will prepare us to implement  His plan He has for our lives and churches.  Sometimes I am asked what my plans are for the Association.  The only answer I know is I am praying I will be perceptive and receptive of God’s plan for this work.

I am excited about what God has in store for 2018.  I know God has placed me where He wants me at this time in my ministry.  I love our churches and pastors who are laboring for His Kingdom.  I desire your prayers.  Please let me know if there is any way I can assist you.  May you have a blessed New Year 


God Bless


Steve Honeycutt