From the Desk of the Associational Missionary

One Heart and Mind Acts 4: 32 -35

When one reads this story of the early church it is thrilling to see how God blessed and ordained the fellowship of believers.  It is important to recognize a key statement in the verses relative to the body of believers; “were of one heart and of one soul.”  These early believers were focused on one thing – Jesus Christ and the work of the Kingdom.  A question was asked “When you have fifty people with different opinions, what do you have?”  The answer: A Baptist church.  We recognize as an Association we can do so much more together than we can independently when it comes to missions. This includes all of our local fellowships, those who are small and those who are large.  Unity is imperative if we are to truly impact our communities for Jesus Christ.  What would happen if we truly accepted God’s direction for our work in the Kingdom?  These verses show God richly blessing the work of His children.  Over the next few newsletters I will be addressing some points of what will contribute to the unity of our hearts and souls.

God Bless

Steve Honeycutt