From the Desk of the Associational Missionary

This is a continuation of the question:  Are churches changing culture or is culture changing churches?    The following are the Biblical characteristics the church should have.   Again, what I will share is not original but what I have gleaned in my reading and research. 

Evangelistic:  Preparing believers to effectively share the Gospel in their communities and neighborhoods.  This is challenge the philosophy of “I’m ok, you’re ok” mentality that is prevalent in our society

Compassionate:  Taking the lead in compassion as our Lord showed compassion during His ministry on earth.  The church must demonstrate a compassionate attitude toward those who are outside the faith.  We must show we are concerned with not only the spiritual condition but the physical condition of people.

Believers:  In a time when absolute truth is considered a myth by many and there are more than one way to know God we must become the living, breathing church taking the responsibility for leading people to Christ.

Risky:  Dealing with tough issues within the church like sin and repentance will provide a firmer platform to speak about sin and repentance to a world riddled with guilt.

Loving:  Society sees the love churchgoers have for their institutional church but not necessarily their love for the Lord and those outside the church.  Our love must expand

Transformative:  Radical life change, submission, surrender, holiness and sanctification have been replaced by repeating a prayer of salvation and getting involved in church activities.  A transformation will separate us from our unchurched counterparts

United:  We need to be united in our cause for Christ; however, we have the individual responsibility to be a light in a dark world

We need to be a force for Jesus Christ that sees our culture being impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


God Bless                                          Steve