From the Desk of the Associational Missionary

Last month I introduced a series of excerpts I will be sharing in the next few newsletters concerning the 7 forks in the road to Christian maturity.  The key attribute shared in last month’s article was humility.  This means we have a realistic view of our relationship with God.  The journey begins:

Listen:  Humility tolerates alternative or opposing positions.  This means we are willing to listen to a Gospel presentation and its implications.  As believers it means we will listen to opposing views (Proverbs 13:10)

Veer off the path:  Selfists who dominate mainstream media and culture see tolerance as the polar opposite – the right to avoid exposure to alternate viewpoints.  To protect our identity bubbles, Selfists intimidate and ridicule any speech that doesn’t agree with their world view.  This is what Christians face and what makes it hard to witness because fewer are willing to listen.

Respond:  Humility recognizes the truth about the depths of our depravity and need for a Savior.  Christianity is the only gift based religion of all the major world religions.  God alone holds the keys to eternal life.  God had to reach down to save us because we cannot ‘earn’ our way into heaven.  All other religions are wage based – either via legalism where our good outweighs our bad or via inner divinity where we seek to discover our own immense power inside in us.  (Matthew 23:12)

Veer off the path:  Even those who see the need for forgiveness and understand that it is only available through Jesus can choose to continue in sin, “Enjoy” life and be their own boss.  Rather than humbly turning to God, most seek self-actualization, happiness, health and well-being.  Selfism, the fastest growing “religion” in America, assumes a good human nature where pursuing “what’s in the hearts” will lead to the right decisions for them.



God Bless

Steve Honeycutt