From the Desk of the Associational Missionary

During our life we come to points of making choices or decisions.  A nonbeliever can reject the free gift of forgiveness and eternal life that Jesus offers.  Instead of becoming a disciple of Christ believers simply prefer salvation with transformation.   During our life there are “forks” in the road which provides opportunities for us to veer off the path God has set for us.  It should be every believer’s desire to mature as a follower of Christ.  We will face forks in the road which requires us to make choices in our walk with Christ.  I am going to address seven forks in the road to Christian maturity over the next few Proclaimers.  

The decision to advance down the road or veer off into the proverbial ditch is based on the single trait that the scripture repeatedly defines as the essence of our faith…humility.  Pride is the origin of sin – Satan taking advantage of Adam and Eve’s desire to be like God.  Throughout the Bible we can read story after story of how pride led people away from God.  The Pharisees were arrogant and prideful because they felt they had the ‘inside’ track with God, they were better than those around them.  God gives special blessings to those who are humble  (1 Peter 5:5)

Humility (grounded in love) is the most important trait of a Christian.  It is the very essence of our faith.  Arrogance does more to separate people from God than anything else.  We have placed our faith in the most powerful but humble Leader the world has ever known.   The Bible states that even though He was God Christ laid aside  His power and glory to die for our sins (Philippians 2: 5-8)

Humility is not as Webster defines it as a lowly self-perception, instead it is a realistic understanding our place relative to God.  


God Bless                                          Steve